Black-headed Gull Chroicocephalus ridibundus

(last update: 16-03-2011)

Tim Audenaert
Maarten van Kleinwee


BHG 1cy May
BHG 1cy June
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BHG 1cy September
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BHG 1cy December

BHG 2cy January
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BHG 2cy May
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BHG 2cy August
BHG 2cy September
BHG 2cy October
BHG 2cy November
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BHG adult January
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Below: Adult Black-headed Gull, October 31, 2010, Zijlpoort, Leiden, The Netherlands (52.161N, 4.504E). Photo: Maarten van Kleinwee.

Adult Black-headed Gull, with a-typical head pattern for this time of year. Unlike the regular winter (basic) pattern consisting of two bands across the head, the complete outline of the hood is visible.