Black-headed Gull Chroicocephalus ridibundus

(last update: 15-02-2013)

Tim Audenaert
Maarten van Kleinwee


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Black-headed Gull - Hybrids

This section deals with hybridisation between Black-headed Gulls and other taxa.


Hybridization of Black-Headed Gull with other small gulls is rare, but occurs. Few instances are well documented*. Hybrids show characteristics of both parent species but are often indeterminate and difficult to identify.

Second- and third- generation hybrids are even more problematic. Black-Headed Gull hybridises with other hooded gull- species as well as with small non-hooded gull-species.

*Additional info in the form of descriptions or photos is welcomed. Should you have any additional material, please contact one of the moderators of these pages (see names in top left-hand corner, e-mail addresses can be found on the Home page.)


Black-headed Gull x Mediterranean Gull
1cy Black-headed Gull in July. (85237 bytes)Adult Black-headed Gull x Mediterranean Gull
Female hybrid Black-headed x Mediterranean Gull
(© Everaert Joris, 20 March 2011, Lokeren, Belgium)
Black-headed Gull x Common Gull
1cy Black-headed Gull in July. (85237 bytes)Black-headed Gull x Common Gull
26 December 2007, Sint-Idesbald Belgium.
Photo: Raty Laurent.
Black-headed Gull x Slender-billed Gull
1cy Black-headed Gull in July. (85237 bytes)Black-headed Gull x Slender-billed Gull
24 June 2003, Irkutsk Russia.
Photo: Igor Fefelov.
Black-headed Gull x Ring-billed Gull
1cy Black-headed Gull in July. (85237 bytes)Black-headed Gull x Ring-billed Gull
22 February 2002, Woodburne, USA.
Photo: Jay and Kevin McGowan.