Black-headed Gull Chroicocephalus ridibundus

(last update: 15-02-2013)

Tim Audenaert
Maarten van Kleinwee


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Black-headed Gull - Plumages

This section deals with various aspects of Black-headed Gull plumages.



1cy Black-headed Gull in July. (85237 bytes)Gray hind neck in non-breeding plumage
In non-breeding plumage, adult Black-headed Gulls acquire a grey hind neck.
1cy Black-headed Gull in July. (85237 bytes)Black markings on P9
This article discusses the presence and origin of black marks on P9 of Black-headed Gulls.
1cy Black-headed Gull in July. (85237 bytes)Black spots on wing feathers
Examples of individuals showing black spots on wing feathers.
1cy Black-headed Gull in July. (85237 bytes)Pink coloration
Examples of individuals showing pink coloration on the body and wings.